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U recruit has been growing constantly, and the following services we provide.  we conduct manpower recruitment and training.  we provide a wide range of courses from beauty courses like manicure and pedicure, nursing, helper and hospitality course.  objective to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge with our skills related courses.  we not just a recruitment centre but also a skill training school. Act philosophy to u recruitat u recruit, we adopt a wholeness approach where we accurate, counsel and with teamwork together find the right person for your job so your company can grow to the next level. accuratewe at u recruit match our candidate accurately with the requirements of our client. We first understand the needs of the job and expectations our client. We will do a detail screening to shortlist candidate as to ease our clients in making decision. counsellingwe will take our time to counsel our candidates to reach the expectation of our clients need after matching. There must be a balance between skills and expectations. The biggest problem in the relationship of staff and boss are communication. For every beginning of work relationship there are always a fear factor of both side. In u recruit we will bridge the gap for both party. So that the working relationship can grow to another level. team workwe at u recruit believe in teamwork. We work closely internally to help our clients to solve all problems related to candidate. We not just work closely internally, we also believe in working closely with our clients and candidates.




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